Thursday, September 19, 2013

First meal at Yogyakarta@Gadjah Wong, Yogyakarta

Throughout our meal in Gadjah Wong, these old folks, experts in Javanese traditional music were jammin’ away to keep just company while we dined in. They looked so adsorbed into the music like trance.
What I found really intruiging was how different cultures fuse together and form another new one. Some musical instruments resembled the chinese, with dragon carvings, while some appeared to resemble the malay. Indonesia is really a land rich with history and diverse culture.
The waitress said that the top choices by patrons who dine here are their steaks and bebek (fried duck). She did a good job at selling and I went for the steak, thinking that I would be having indon food for the next few days anyway.
Boy oh boy, I surely made a mistake. The sirloin was very, very ordinary. It felt like was just trying to fulfill my daily protein intake rather than truly enjoying every single slice of it.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Foodventuras upgrade!

Hi everyone! Am finally taking this site to a bigger step in its foodventure life!

Im transferring all my posts to a permanent add and please continue on to follow more foodventures with me at...

Thank you all and see you all there! :)