Sunday, August 23, 2009


Again is the season for budgetary food experience. Equipped with a decade old oven in TS's gigantic mansion, we decided to cook a few dishes at home to liven things up...

First up was Dogma creation: Slow Grilled Chicken Breast topped with caramalized onions and melted cheddar cheese... sprinkled with some crushed black pepper and mustard sauce.. Oohh laa laa....The taste sure lives up to the dish name !

The assorted condiments that goes along with it: Ketchup, McDonalds Grape jelly and Freshly peeled local lime
Dessert: 3 jumbo sized local mango: Sweet to the bone!

Carbo Dish: Toasted wholemeal bread with omellete and mustard sauce..

Simple Dishes perfect Wishes