Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post Dinner Coffee@Le Passion Cafe, Hartamas Shopping Centre

Demona: Wondering where the crunchy, sugary macadamia nut biscotti soaked in frothy, milky foam deliciousness floating above a hot, fragrant cuppa cappucino came from?

Demona: And where could you spot such a peculiar, funky looking coffee machine?

Demona: None other than Le Passione Cafe! Located on the top floor of the Hartamas Shopping Centre, this cozy petite looking cafe offers some serious good ass coffee, alright.

Demona: At some days, you'll see the two Italian bosses themselves, behind the counter preparing some quality coffee for you. They pay close attention towards presentation, which does make you feel rather appreaciated being served in such a manner. Of course, presentation is just the fore play. After taking a sip, the first thing that hit my mind was, "Mmmmm. you've got style and character." And the subsequent sips were pleasure all the way. :)
This is definitely one coffee place I'd go on weekends when I want some quiet me-alone time, accompanied by some reading materials.

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