Monday, May 28, 2012

2-in-1 proposal&birthday dinner@Alexis Bistro, Gardens Midvalley

 My bestie was in town, with a group of her doctor workmates from Kuantan to celebrate her 29th birthday. We met at Alexis in Midvalley for dinner, as they were staying in Boulevard Hotel and had also booked a table at the Vertigo for the after-dinner partie.

My last meal in Alexis was several years ago during a business lunch appointment. This was my second. I was craving for something spicy and decided to go ala local. Salted fish fried rice with fried chicken. RM 25++. When the serving came, my first impression was... ,"errrrr....". I held back my comments, in case the fried rice tasted super powerful. Beep, NOT. Just a normal fried rice, with skinny fried chicken pieces. Even Mee Jawa's fried rice with fried chicken tasted 10 times better than this, with a larger portion too.. all for RM10 a plate.

I'm banning this dish from here.

 Duck confit mantaos. Fairly decent tastewise, a little too sweet, but neutralised by the fragrant spring onion slices. Nothing special about the mantaos...quite bland and texturewise nothing unique either. The duck confit's good taste managed to cover up the other flaws. RM 18++, for 3. Worth it? Hmmmm...

Turns out, her bf intended to also propose to her on her birthday! My second time witnessing a proposal! My first was at the beach, at night... but... the couple did not last. Oops.
He bought her a huge bouquet of lilies and I bought her a red velvet cake, from Just Heavenly. RM 68.
The cake had a generous coating of cream cheese, quite enjoyable to eat, I must say but still, the cake could not match up to Patisserie Rui's rendition of her red velvet cake. Hers is by far the best red velvet to me till this day.

Putting aside the lousy food, it was a truly happy and JOY-ous occasion for my bestie and she got plastered at Vertigo later on. She got the super duper cool birthday blast she wanted all these years, and possibly the biggest birthday gift ever.. a husband! Haha.

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