Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taiwan Trip 1

During my recent trip to Taiwan, mom, dad and I had lunch at one of the Restaurant Chain owned by aFamosa Group ( one of the richest family in Taiwan). The restaurant concept was pretty unique, with per pax cost is fixed at NTD499, and comes with a myriads choices of starter, antipasti, maincourse, dessert and drinks. Such system allows the restaurant to more precisely forecast revenue and prevent freeloaders like Dogma/Demona who would normally share a meal in any restaurant. ( Tough times call for tough measures)

The services here was engineered to perfection and each sequence of presentation was probably rehearsed and preplanned. A typical trait of restaurant owned by engineering firms i guess.
Antipasti: Asparagus and radish with some vinegerate sauce i think. Fresh.
The killer meat: I ordered Wagyu beef. While it was not top grade wagyu, it was still pretty decent and have a sweet, tender, kinda melt in your mouth texture. Somehow the meat was a tad sweet for my liking. Dad ordered a veal skillet which was less tender but more beefy... The beef was accompanied by fried garlic chips, which was pretty appetizing.

The dessert was quite a let down, basically black sesami panna cotta with some green tea biscuit crust on top of ur spoon.

At the end of the lunch, the restaurant even give you free pens, and gift for you to bring home.
Who don't love free gift, doesn't you?

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