Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sizzling BBQ@Dao Rae, Taipan USJ

Demona: It's been like forever since I last blogged about food! Crazy hectic period for me. Company's tri-annual team event, chasing sales, dealing with housing issues, and finally.... April had come to an end and I could finally take a huge and deep breath.

Yes... I'm still busy venturing and eating, eating, eating along the way. Just lack of time to put them down in words.

Dogma and I had been crazy fans of Korean food lately. I was renting in Pinggiran USJ then, that was why our Dao Rae experience was in Taiping. The craze for all these kimchi-madness heightened even more when I finally moved in to my new home in Hartamas, land of Korean food!

Demona: Got protein, got vegetables, no carbs. Fairly good diet for those weight watchers! The lettuce leaves were fresh and crunchy, somehow psycho-ing you to forget about the charcoal grilled oily, juicy, slightly fatty BBQ flavoured pork and beef. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Demona: I know.. I know. The thrill of eating BBQ food is to grill the meat on your own, as burnt as you wish, as rare as you wish, as flavourful as you wish. However, these two lazy asses just gawked at the raw meat cookin on the burning hot coal sizzled grill plate by the kind and helpful bangla waiter. All we did was open our mouths (say Ahhhhhhhh.....) and close our mouths, and the rest, we leave them for your own imagination.

Demona: Yes, mr.kind and helpful bangla also grilled these to perfection for us.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... ngarm, ngarm, ngarm, ngarm.

Demona: The part I loved most about Korean food was the generous refillable servings of a wide range of appetizers in the midst of eating the main dishes. They were served in little bowl like plates and you could ask for a refill if you really enjoyed that particular appetizer and wanted to have more, more, more, more. "Si Beh" worth it!
If we were to eat on a normal basis (the usual amount of food we need to consume to feel full), by eating 2-3 rounds of these appetizers would keep your tummy full and happy already. Being the Malaysians that we are, words like buffet, refills, eat-all-you-can are like magic. Our tummies just won't fill up full somehow.
We also ordered a spicy stew soup but left the picture out. The soup had a balance of veges, tofus, and beef strips, making it a full meal being on its own. By the time we finished the bbq meat vege wrappers, we were too full to drink down the soup even if it tasted really delicious. However, no good food should go wasted right!
Guess what did we do?
Guess. guess. guess.
We tapao-ed of course! And um... there were still some 3/4th round appetitzers left on the table. No good food should go wasted right! We quietly dumped them into the soup as well before we asked for it to be packed. Urks..... shhhhhhhhhhh! hehehe.

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