Sunday, May 9, 2010

Frequent visits@Woo Lim Jeong, Desa Sri Hartamas

Demona: My first ever meal at this tiny, but cozy Korean restaurant was my birthday dinner, last November. Since then, there was no turning back. We became regulars, until the Korean guy who owns the place became Dogma's friend. Hey, he even gave Dogma's parents free Korean pancakes just for treats! How nice of him. Ever so pleasant, warm and friendly.

They always try to improvise their appetizer dishes in order not to get regular patrons bored from having the same ones all the time. However, they do regularly serve their trademark appetizers, which Dogma and I give thumbs up everytime! eg: kimchi, seaweed wrapped eggrolls, steamed kangkungs, spicy cucumber slices.
Demona: We ordered the ox bone soup. The broth was clear, light beefy taste, with a hint of spring onions accompaniment. I am not a soupy person, so I gave Dogma the honour of gulping the beef juice down while meaty me chewed up these cube sized tenders. Rating wise for this dish was : 6.5/10
Demona: Time to fold clothes! Oh wait.. fold veges and meat i mean. (ok.. cold joke, yes). Usually, we'll order the Bulgogi dish on our tight-budget-but-still-craving-for-Korean days. THIS is a MUST order. Sweetened, tender beef strips entwined within slurpy strings of vermicelli. Rating: 9/10. We did not have a pict for this though.
Oh yea.. back to the folding story. The tools needed for this task were in the pict below. The chilli paste KICKED butt BIG TIME! mmmmmmm... yummy gobbly.
Demona: These nicely grilled pork slice babies are to be nicely tucked inside the fresh crunchy lettuce leaves and sealed with a chilli paste kiss. Once you popped one in your mouth... you won't stop popping in the rest until your tummy screams "too full!"
The beef meat here are all flown in from Korea as the guy said the quality of the beef here was disappointing that he just could not cross his own conscience to serve it to his customers. (It is that bad...) Imagine, we have ample space, resources and government fundings to rear good quality cows, but hey, all the good quality meat are exported out and...wooohoooo.... leaving behind the lousy ones for our very own fellow citizens.
The pork however, are from local sources. Its quality was good enough to make him happy. Hmmmmmm... doesn't that leave you wondering what is going on with our country? Even animals are marginalised.
Total verdict: 8.8/10. Oh yes, if you are really unhappy with the quality of the dish which was served to you, please do not feel shy to express your concern. The owner is a man who is open to comments and critisisms, which we both love that sort of attitude in him! Pricing wise is good too, especially lunch meals! RM 12/lunch set. Pheng leng cheng ah! I rather pay for this than the equivalent RM 12 of OldTown kopitiam food for instance.
This is one Korean restaurant which will definitely make us come back again, and again, and again, and again... .for more culinary excitements :)
Oh yes, I believe we have visited this place more than 10 times already.

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