Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cafe Bali@Seminyak Square area, Bali

Demona: Last night in Bali haven. As with all holiday trips, the last meal must always be the most memorable one. Our plan was to find a cozy place to chill, eat, talk about all the crazy ass things we did for the past couple of days and drink till our eyelids forcefully shut down.

We stumbled upon a lovely cafe, called Cafe Bali. Its theme was white. Somewhat like our local fnb, Fullhouse, but wayyyyy better. The chandeliers and lightings were unique, gorgeous. We were not allowed to snap picts as due respect to the designer (hmph.. ) Being typical rebels, we quietly, sneakily took anyway. Look above, ain't it beautiful :)

Demona: This dish came with 3 different types of rice: white, brown, and glutinous: served with otak otak. The otak otak was a great tummy kicker. Power packed with spice, flavour, fish meat. It went very well with the rice. Great thing abouve Bali food is that, they make awesome chilli sauces. Each having its own fiery flavour to blend in with the choice of food served.

Demona: The salmon cabonara was sinfully delicious. The right creamy texture with generous chunks of salmon slices. Not sure what cheese they added in though. Dogma should learn from this, march right into my home kitchen and start cooking right away.

Demona: Mashed potato fused minced meat all shaped into finger bite sizes, coated with breadcrumbs and fried to golden brown perfection. The feeling was almost like eating a savoury version of Kinder Bueno. Crunchy outside, and gooey deliciousness inside.

Demona: The satay was a wee tad disappointment. Satay Station of Mont Kiara has definitely set a high satay taste bud for Dogma and I.

Demona: The beef lasagna was soooooo...sinful. But, soooooo... yummy. These guys are seriously generous in their ingredients, either that, cheese must be cheap here. Needless to say more, the pict spoke for itself.

All in all. Great company, great ambience, great food, and.. cheap drinks! Except our Muslim friend, Yani who obviously did not drink, instead having to endure a horrible strawberry smoothie.
We went on through the night: Inglorious basterds style. Tris Glass! (only the other 4 of you will know what I mean)

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