Monday, May 10, 2010

Dinner@Gyukaku, Holland Village

It was end of 2009,
and the beginning of 2010..
Both Demona and Dogma were back to their foreign home in Singapore...
Many friends, many memories, and not to mentioned the glorious wine and dine....

While walking along Holland Village with a Poor Ringgit based budget...Dogma decided to relive the glorious wine and dine session by spending abit more.

Man should not worry about the Food and Clothes as He will provide!

We stepped in to Gyukaku, a Japanese Smokeless BBQ Joint.

First up, its the Asahi Super Cold Beer and the complimentary Porky Cold Cuts.
Lube the Throat with some icy cold beer to facilitate the large amount of meat coming your way!

The smokeless BBQ Pit:

In life, there are always Smoking Oven ( Trials/Tribulations).. but do remember, that the Flaming Torch( Grace of God) is not far away!

The meat:


The Meat on Fire:
The Fried Pork Cutlet
Fried Meat Balls:

BBQ Roasted Rice Ball with Salmon inside:Some tasty soup with Meat:

The total bill: SGD75bucks

The verdict:
All the meat were tasty and super value for money.
the only disappointment was the BBQ Rice Ball and Crispy Pork Cutlet which were too dry...
The Meat Soup was gorgeous, the BBQ meat was sweet, and more refined and clean compared to typical Korean BBQ.

A Glorious Meal in the Land of Singapore..
We will be back.............

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