Monday, May 10, 2010

Bonny's Kitchen@Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas

While walking along Plaza Damas Dogma and Demona chanced upon Bonny's Kitchen opposite the 7-11. This is a restaurant helmed by a localized Hongkie that imports all its fish balls, meat balls and some ingredients from hongkong directly.
Judging by the various newspaper and magazine reviews it had, seems like its kinda popular..

First up was the beef brisket noodle, you can taste the dried orange peel and five spices in the noodle. however, it wasnt very thick and flavourful beef brisket that we are accustomed to. Crystal Jade Singapore's beef brisket still win by hands down. The noodle is about 12bucks per plate, not exactly cheap.

Dumpling drenched in chill oil. Sourish, spicy, and meaty. Not bad. The dumpling were very fresh as well...We even drenched our flavourless beef brisket in the chilli oil sauce.

Wantan mee Soup: Bland and boring. Enough said.

Bonny Kitchen was a venture of both hits and misses. I will probably give it another try after sampling the remaining restaurant available in Plaza Damas.

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