Monday, May 10, 2010

1996 La Pousse D'or Volnay Premier Cru Les Cailleret

I have bought this feminine wine for a special occasion...
but Alas, on a unsuspecting night, the fridge decided to took her life by freezing her up and forcing the cork to pop up...The wine look like a giant frozen Popsicle

Most of the wine were intact in the bottle thou in a frozen state
and i decided to honour such a graceful, aged lady by drinking her up..

Clear, silky blood colour, with some orange hue at the rim..
After 1 hour of breathing, she opened up and show a complex nose of banyard, blood, iron, and earth intermingled with morelo cherry.
On the palate, it has a medium density, and end with a tea like after palate.

Silky Lady, just flowed graciously and seamlessly upon your lips...........ahhhhhh

Paul Seah from Singapore rated it 94pt: Lovely nose, almost Chambolle like, with lush, perfumed flowers and truffle notes wed too earthy sous bous and meat scents and lovely dark cherries and strawberries, all unfolding in dark, deep, aromatic layers. A bit tight on the palate at first, with lots of mineral on the attack and lots of freshness lent by high acidity. It unwound rather quickly though, to show fleshy red cherries and strawberries in a really clean, pure red fruit expression, all seasoned with an undertone of umami. Finish had great length and lots of complexity, with touches of spice, orange peel and anise mingling with the clean fruit expressions. Very nice, just starting to come together. If you have a bottle, keep it for another 2-3 years to really do it justice

We did not do the La Pousse D'or justice by sending her off together with Chip n Chips BBQ flavours chips.
The chips was quite a let down and i will skip talking more about it..

Let's tune our mind back to La Pousse D'or, who allowed us to have a taste of her amist her tragic and unexpected death..

An Ode to You!


Shaun Lee said...
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Shaun Lee said...

Wine popsicle sounds pretty good. Not sure if the Premier Cru winemakers would agree with me though!

How was the wine though? Was it still orite?

Shaun Lee said...

FYI, deleted my first comment as I forgot to check the follow up comments box!

Dogma said...

the La Pousse was still pretty drinkable..but probably lacking in much complexity compared to the reviews i had read before on cellartracker.