Monday, August 27, 2012

First Korean meal@Rest stop, along the way to Yeoju, Korea

Ever year, Pyung Kang Cheil church organizes retreats, inviting church members from all over the world to meet and have a great fellowship with Father. This year's retreat is held at Yeoju, during the warmest period in South Korea. The weather is very similar to Malaysia. Once we arrived at the airport, we departed to Yeoju right away.

We had lunch at a rest stop and there were so many people there, both locals and tourists. School children were having their summer break from school, and thus, family holiday time too. Feels like siesta in Barcelona. My first meal was the pork cutlet with rice, drizzled with cheese and BBQ sauce. What's interesting here is the ordering system runs with some online ticketing software or something, all these hungry souls will queue up at this ONE counter to order just about anything you want. It was hectic, crazy, and chaotic.

Firstly, it is all written in Korean, so we simply pointed and hoped we had our orders right. Then our orders are keyed into the system, and we were given a ticket with some Korean words and numbers written on it. We did not have time to ask much further, as hungry Koreans from behind were already pushing their way through.

Even waiting for the food was slightly confusing. Each counter serving different food may be putting up the same order number on the platform, so I did go the wrong counter initially.

But finally, my food came! Well, the food was so-so but we were hungry, anything goes! Quite expensive actually. This meal cost Korean Won 7900, so about RM 20 plus.

Summer food! It looked delicious, but it wasn't as delicious as I thought it was when I took my first bite. The dough was too thick and the sausage, was quite... economical. Sausage, sliced in half, thinner than ever. Cost was Korean Won 2000, about RM 6-7. Phew.....

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