Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swordfish burger and fried seafood goodies@Bondi Beach, Sydney

The houses, apartments, shops and cafes along these hilly winding roads along Bondi beach really give out the sense of holiday-ing-all-the-time feel. I will never forget the first glimpse of Bondi beach when we reached the tip of one of the hilly slopes. Although you can't see much from the picture which was taken from one of the slopes, believe me, the view was outstanding. Those people staying at the apartments nearby are so lucky to be waking up to this view, EVERYDAY.

My friend who is also a frequent traveller says that Bondi beach is quite similar to Kalkan. I've never heard of this place before but apparently it is located on the Turkish Mediterrenean coast, known to tourists as a place for fine beaches too. Greeks used to live in this place before the war between both nations started and since then many Greeks had left, leaving Kalkan almost disappearing from the map. Luckily, some rich merchants back in the 50s decided to preserve the place and today, it has become a famous tourist destination and the Kalkan property scene has since hit sky high. Similar shops, houses, apartments, cafes located along the hilly roads complementing the scenic view of the beaches.

What an interesting FYI. Turkey, hopefully my future destination and Kalkan will definitely be one of my must-visit places.

Ok! Back to the foodies!

When we were finally here, I was really awed by the scenic view of the splashing blue waves, and baby blue clear sky. Breathtaking! Not to mention, lean, mean, machine surfers to make the view, more sassy!

The place my friend had been raving about since we first arrived. Swordfish burger!

These guys are so lucky to have fresh seafood served daily. And it is so affordable for them! Argh.

Deep fried calamaries and fries. Yummylicious! The squids were nicely marinated with pepper and paprika. I'm salivating already, looking back at this picture.

Grilled tuna and swordfish. The fishes were fresh, but a little too bland for me. Healthy dish! Minus the fries of course.

Finally, the long awaited swordfish burger! This is definitely a much healthier option of a burger if you are indeed craving for one. The breaded crumb fried swordfish was delicious of course, but it wouldn't have been good alone, without the fresh vegs and the delicious tartar sauce. The diametre of the burger was about 6 inches. Phew!

Fried scallops. Yums! The only downside, was the batter. Didn't stick well to the scallops and they were too thick. We dug out the batter and ate the juicy fat scallops on their own. Good enough!

Say hello to my foodie friends. Only 4 days and nights of food and we all ballooned up. Aiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai!

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