Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Late lunch@Haute Food n Co, Plaza Damas

My gf, LY accompanied me to the Msian Art Expo, at Martrade, organized by my good friend, Polenn.

Ain't the paintings awesome? I feel like taking up art classes again. Just to paint, draw, colour, express and feel free.

After a stroll at the expo, we stopped by Haute Food for late lunch. Awesome!

The grilled chicken caesar salad (rm15.90) was served with a generous portion, enough for two moderate tummies to share. The chicken strips were freshly grilled and the veges also tasted fresh too. Thumbs up!

The carrot slice (rm12) was pretty delicious also. Had a little familiarity in looks and taste with fruitcakes, but less sweet and more nuts. It was so filling that it can be substituted as a main meal.

The desserts that Ive tried here so far had not disappoint me yet, but the only downside is that it is rather pricey, but value's worth.

I'm dreaming about the sticky date pudding again.. damn...

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