Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tsukumen Ramen@Menya Musashi, One Utama Old Wing

My new colleagues brought me to this newly opened restaurant, Menya Mushasi, inside Isetan. So much has changed inside One Utama. I felt so disoriented. Shows how long I haven't gone into malls.

Back to the Jap food venture, apparently this shop serves awesome fairly authentic ramen.

Gigantic pictures of samurais are displayed on the walls and upon your entry, the chefs in the kitchen will shout out in Japanese, to add to the feel of samurai chefs in action.

When I peeked over, hoping to possibly catch some hot Jap chefs, only to be greeted by Nepalese and Phillipino workers. Aiks.

Ok, on a serious note. The ramen was delicious. I ordered the dry version, but after tasting my colleague's soup version, the soup one would have been a better choice.

Salty, flavourful and the although the pork slice initially seemed too fatty, but it was quite well cooked that you wouldn't taste the over powering porkiness and it was rather crunchy also, as if the pork slice was briefly dipped in frying oil.

The only downside is that a bowl cost between RM 25-30. Ouch! For a bowl of Jap noodles. Phew.

Worthy try, though I can't comment much as I have yet to taste the widely spoken about ramen shop in Pavillion.

Definitely worth trying again.. Once i've extra savings :/ Damn Ringgits!

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