Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fry fry fry! Dakgalbi @Uncle Jang, Solaris Mont Kiara

This place reminds me a little bit about Myung Dong, Korea. Of course the surroundings could not match up to the environment back in MD itself, but the giant frying pan in front of us would suffice. 

The waiters here are mainly Bangladeshis, who could speak general Korean greetings. 

Cabbage and chicken fry fry fry fry! Dakgalbi!

A pack of instant noodles went in the giant frying pan too. Honestly speaking, it does seem like as if a mamak frying maggi mee goreng in front of me.

The only difference was some dolbokis added in dakgalbi.

And yes.. it looked as yummy as how you would imagine it to be from looking at this picture. The star ingredient was definitely the spicy paste used to fry along these deliciousness.

Super spicy, and the chicken slices were chewy and chunky. YUMS! The sheer fact of  the hot and spicyness makes you eat and eat and still don't feel full.... until you stop for a sip of water.

Surely, it seems like you could cook this at home, but I guess, the price you pay (RM22), is not just to fill up your tummy, but the eating experience that comes with it. Having a gigantic frying pan in front of u, everyone with a pair of chopsticks each squandering away as many strings of noodles and chicken as possible, and wearing a funky plastic apron while eating!

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