Friday, June 29, 2012

Meals on the way to Barcelona@MH and British Airways

What a meaty affair!

Firstly greeted by the delicious all time dearly missed satay daging and ayam! Could only chew on 1 each, my tummy couldn't take it as it was already 130am when they served this.

But oops.. Tummy will give excuse to.. Jacquart cuvee brut mosaique. Yums!

The main was grilled beef. Too much to stomach at such wee hours of the night.

Even for breakfast: grilled lamb, beef tenderloin and chicken. MORE MEAT. Too much meat....

Luckily fruits and yoghurt were served at Brit Airways.. Neutralised a little bit.

The downside of my MH journey was that the TV was spoilt, and my colleague's reclining seat wasn't working.

Compensation was only rm200 inflight shopping voucher.... For Biz Class seat price? aiyo... Not worth.

Oh well.. I got myself a makeup kit, and still had to top up RM 50. RM 200 cant help much in buying anything nice.


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