Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Siew Pao Master@Seremban

During my recent fieldwork in Melaka, Nilai and the final pitstop in Seremban, my dear friend Vivien popped into my mind.. After my tummy started calling out to me... Siewwww paooo... Siewwww paooo....

She was so sweet to search for adds and map for me to make my way to "Siew Pao Master". Apparently serembanites love their paos from here. The name itself intruiged me, and my tummy.

It took us a while to finally find the shop, signage wasn't very good and one who isn't familiar with the roads would have easily missed it.

The pungent whiff of buttery aroma just hits our nostrils the moment we stepped out of the car. Fuh, exciting!

So happens, a fresh tray of eggtarts just came out of the oven. And vivien said, eggtarts are superb. Luck was SO on my side!
Bought the paos and eggtarts, and went home a happy soul :)

Eggtarts i must say, delicious! The egg was so soft but still a tiny thickened curdle just enough to hold itself together.

The siew paos, yummy too! Fragrant, buttery, and chunky pork bits! Although, I still could not tell at this point which is the best siew pao that I've ever tasted. Tough.. Many famous stalls selling actually taste equally good too.

Any other siewpao recommendations?

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