Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ayam Penyet Ria@Lucky Plaza

Demona: Today was going to be our "Yey! Shop for free day!" (Although we are limited to only 100 bucks). By some bizarre windfall / durian runtuh, I managed to win first prize for some work assessment... and yeah, the prize was 10 pieces of SGD 10 Takashimaya vouchers. Woohoo! Right time to win something for this poor girl in an expensive city!

While making our way to Takashimaya, we strolled past Lucky Plaza. Almost crossing over the road to the next building, this big banner with a picture of a HUGE rooster caught our attention. "AYAM PENYET! CUBA CUBA!" Oh no..... our dormant tummies suddenly awaken! Vouchers and shopping aside... feed ourselves first!

Demona: The flakes from the fried chicken was .... ooh lalala! Sinful no doubt, but how could you resist these golden brown crunchy lil' buggers? The sambal given was also extremely spicy.. fuh, even for a chilli gobbler like myself.. i salute you, spicy sambal.

Demona: Mr. Chicken, you are the winner dish in this nasi lemak meal. Although the fried chicken really highlighted the whole part of the meal, Village Park's rendition still wins the race to me.

Demona: Total damage was SGD 8 with an ice coffee. The coffee was horrible. Overly sweet, and watery. Total zap off!

Demona: Off we go! Continuing on with our journey to free voucher land. If only I had 10 million pieces of these. *Big sigh*

Demona: The clothes in Takashimaya were really crazy expensive even after discount! Maybe I'm still having the concept of converting to RM that's why. What to do, poor girl in expensive city. The 10 pieces sure came in handy. We decided to splurge not on clothes, not on shoes, not on household accessories.... but........... *yawns* what else other than .... FOOODDDDD again?

We bought some chips, cheese, perrier water and sushis for dinner using the vouchers, and came out of Cold Storage, sat by the Taka fountain with the rest of the world and munch our way down this simple dinner.


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