Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet SLICE of Life@Far East Plaza

Demona: One of Dogma's best friends, K, who's a Taiwanese, decided along with a few more of his homeland friends to bring over their popular dessert: a flavored ice sliced into layers and garnished with various toppings into Singa-land. Their chic looking shop is located at the basement level in Far East Shopping Centre, right next to Long John's Silver.

Since we were nearby, (this was the free Taka voucher shopping day), we popped by to say hello and let our tongues and tummies to 'say some hellos' also. We also bumped into A and her bf, thus we invited them to join in as well.

Demona: This was the "Summer Fling"! From the menu, it says, "Made from the freshest mango cubes, available in summer, this dessert is only served seasonally in Taiwan. Aren't you glad then, that everyday is a day for a summer fling."

Sure enough, the mango cubes were very sweet, coupled with smooth milky vanilla like ice shavings. I'm not exactly sure what flings I would get from this, since both our bfs were around (Ooops, haha) but this dessert surely got A and I smiling from one ear to the other. We are both mango fanatics! When I post up A's infamous home made mango milk shake, you readers outside will understand what I mean by 'fanatics!' haha.

SGD 4.50, mango lovers, do give it a try :)

Demona: This was the "First Kiss", and the story behind this dessert was, "And you stood at the door, with your hands on my waist, and you kissed me like you meant it. And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it."

In my opinion, I guess the strawberry dessert was linked to First Kiss, since strawberries are always linked to romantic scenarios and the reddish appearance seems like love. It wasn't too bad, but the mango was better. Dogma's choice of cornflakes as its topping combination was a little wierd though, probably would have been better without or using chocolate hot fudge as its topping. SLURPS!

SGD 4.50.

Demona: I must say, I really thought the marketing concept of SLICE was quite cool. Gives a vibrant feel to the whole experience of eating it there.

Rather than, "Auntie, one mango ice shaving please," or "One chocolate flavour."

You step into the shop asking, "Can I have a "First Date?" or ," I can't decide.. take my "First Kiss" or take a "Hot Chic"?"
There's a flow of a life story throughout the dessert menu, which was kinda' cool although, I could not connect the flavour to the name on some desserts. Nevertheless, still a creative effort put in by those guys!

Demona: While discussing on our own about the shop, both boyfriends agreed that this place may not be a top preference for a guy/ a bunch of guys to come.. it is more of a couple date place or a chics thing (since its desserts= ice shavings= sweet stuff= suits females. And oh yea, there's bonus points: Good looking Taiwanese dudes selling!)

Dogma: Guys may not have high interest to try this out, if you do see a bunch of boys eating this together, sure gay!"

This three dudes behind our table, suddenly froze, one with a spoon halfway entering his mouth, another staring at us, and another turned around.

Us, four? Quickly changed topic, and looked elsewhere. Ooopss.. we were too loud!

Demona: When we were about to leave, one of K's partners dropped by our table to check on us. He also passed us a flyer printed with whole dessert range of SLICE. That was when we saw... HOLY MATRIMONY! Anything macha flutters Dogma's heart.

"The perfect match of green tea and red beans. You just can't go wrong with this clasic combi!"

This... in fact was the champion dessert among the three that we've tried. The green tea ice shaving flavour was very strong, yet with a little hint of sweetness and in between of all that sweet smoothness, you get to have some nice minchy munches of these fat, big, juicy red beans and finely chopped nut toppings. Oooh la la!

We were already too full from the top two, but in some bizarre manner, we could fit one more holy matrimony in!

SGD 3.50

Verdict: On my next visit there, this will surely be my priority order unless, I am tempted to get a Hot Chic or a First Date to try out first. Good job you guys! Your efforts really do inspire me in my baking thing, despite the fact that F and B business are hard work, risky, challenging but if you succeed from it, can be ultimately satisfying!

All the best to you guys with SLICE! May your business continue on to prosper bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and the bigger word goes on.....

For more details, check their official website out:


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