Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bloooie's Roadhouse Bar and Grill@The Aquarius

Demona: Life has been a real mad house. Eye bags grew heavier. Backache worsened. Work still piling uphill..... worst of all...... no FoodVentura-ing with Dogma! Your absence was greatly felt (tummy churns...................).

Dogma brought me to Blooie's for dinner after a great workout swim on our last few nights together. Nice ambience, filled with pretty, bud-like dimmed lights, greenery and a strong aura of countryside... except for the modern pool table.

According to Dogma, this place used to be one of the few regular areas that he hung out during his younger varsity days. I even teased him by asking if his meaning of regular 'hanging out' place is a place that he 'tipu' (in a way, bluff) chics... since the ambience was fairly cozy, homely, with a lil' feel of romance and easy going food menu with an affordable price.

Demona: Hang out place? Sure boh..... With chicas wicas is it?
Dogma : *gulps* No.... ? no....? (sweaty forehead)

Demona: We were allocating some extra tummy space for chippie chips and wine after dinner, thus we've decided to have a light meal for dinner. We ordered a plate of buffalo wings, which came in a set of 4. They were very glistened looking.....if not for the slight steam which arose from the wings, they could easily be mistaken for the plastic based look-alike food that many a times, are used as displays outside Japanese restaurants.

The wings were average. Not much re-collection from it after the meal.

Demona: We've decided to try their signature dish, the Blooie's burger. The beef patty was fairly satisfying. The patty was definitely juicy, because the moment we cut it open, bits of sauces flowed out. The meat was also nicely marinated with the right spices. The slack part about it was the cheese layer which didn't seem to have nicely melted on the patty.

The fries were sprinkled with paprika... again, it did not stand out from the many other fries outside. The only good thing was that the restaurant did give a generous (or unhealthy I should say, haha) portion of the fries.

Verdict: All in all, food taste wise.... I would say, average. Overall package however, (including ambience, games etc) this is a nice place to hang out, with some friends over greasy food and hints of 'angmoh-sihm' :)

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