Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chippie Chips@Made in China

Demona: Recently, I went on a business trip to Hanzhou, China, which was also my first trip to the country itself. Foodventura-ing in Hanzhou wasn't much to my liking. It was a 10 course super duper trooper oily meal every breakfast, lunch and dinner... even supper! I wondered if the locals drink oil rather than water for survival. By looking at their infamous dish, Tong Puo Rou, you could feel your cholesterol level shoots right up the roof. What was equally unpleasant was the terrible air condition over there, you could really feel your breathing capacity greatly constrained.

Being a courteous girl like myself *ahem*, I bought some funky looking, flavoured chips produced locally in China home for Dogma as gifts and also for our food venture sessions (I bought these also because there weren't much that were interesting enough to bring back home)

Demona: I bought these small lil' packs of locally made chips with some really funky flavours eg: stewed mutton, curry beef, barbequed pork for about an SGD dollar each.

Demona: The chips were average. They were quite crunchy but some flavours didn't taste like what they were supposed to be. None stood out from the rest, thus we had no breadwinner from the family. However, for the price of only a dollar, we have no rights to criticise further.

Demona: At the Shanghai airport itself, I saw this funky D2 Doritos mini pack, SGD 1. The content was a little dubious as the description of the taste wasn't written. Nevertheless, the marketing team for this product definitely deserved a fat bonus from Doritos, because despite not knowing what exactly was the flavour itself I still bought it anyway because the packaging was just.. sooooooo cool looking.

Demona: Even this pack caught Dogma's eyes. We came to a conclusion that D2 just meant that the flavour of the nachos were twice as strong. In this case, peppery and cheesy. They weren't too bad... slurps!

Demona: This flavour caught my eye too! Lays Cucumber:Natural and COOOOOOL. At first I wondered why the name was given in such a way. Until I finally tasted one, then I knew. In some wierd way, the chips gave a menthol after taste. And definitely, a very cucumber-y feel. Sorta makes you feel like you've just swallowed a icey cold facial mask. I must say, it was an acquired taste. It wasn't Dogma's cup of tea. I finished most of it anyway :) SGD 2.50

Verdict: Maybe if I had stayed long enough there, I'll start to enjoy these locally flavoured chips.. but for now, Dogma and I are still sticking strong to our Kettles, Mister Potatoes, Ruffles, Lays, Calbee with familiar flavours. Anyway, this is what Dogma and I truly enjoy doing. Discovering new places, new tastes, new experience. In this case, it was chippie chips!

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