Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sitiawan Food

Sitiawan, the haven for Foo Chow food....
Following are some snap shots of the food we had at this sleepy town...

Deep Fried Oyster Egg: The eggs were deep fried together with green onions resulting in a fluffy texture. It was then topped iwth a generous portion of local oyster... I remembered this dish was fabulous previously but it appears standard has dropped.
Sweet Sour Fish slices: Typical chinese dish, but this packs a heavy sourish tinge from the vinegar. Tangy yummmyy! The fish was ultra fresh and i mopped them up clean.
Fish Maw Soup: Slices of local dried fish maw braised together with fish slices and prawns. The soup is too starchy and sweet to my liking... and it packed a fiery punch as well. Too sweet still, urgh.

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