Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Assorted mooncakes

It has been an extremely quiet mooncake festival for us this year. As Dogma just left his job and Demona had just relocated to Singapore. Therefore, no more corporate mooncake gifts for the hungry TWO. :(

However, Demona's kind housemate/good friend is a mooncake addict and she bought for us Darn alot of ATAS mooncakes to try..

MMM MMM MMM.. The mooncakes are Heavenly !!

PS: Sorry for posting this a tad late, Demona is currentl in Shanghai and Dogma is in Taiping chilling out. PRESTAT Mooncakes: SINFUL Chocolates! This is my first time seeing mooncakes from Prestat chocolatier. Mooncakes has becoming more and more ATAS and extravagant with top chocolatiers joining in the fray competing with hotels, restaurant in the mooncake fight. Somehow, i do miss those days where choices and variations are more traditional. ( Remember Fusan, KumLongTai, Overseas mooncakes?)

This is Demona and A's fav: Sinful dark chocolate with truffles. Silky smooth and thick bitter choco. Excellent.

Gree Tea Flavour + white chocolate truffles:
The green tea paste is smooth but i prefer more macha kick in it. Other than that, the white truffles is just sweet and creamy. This is more akin to eating chocolate than mooncake.
Not sure what flavour is this.. You gotta ask Demona on the flavour. I just got tired after awhile eating pseudo mooncakes. There are too pretty and classy to be mooncakes.
Goodwoodpark Hotel Mooncakes: THis seems to be ultra popular this year, with many of my friends buying this. Again, this box of mooncakes is courtesy of A.
Mango Pomelo Flavour: Wah, this is quite yummy. The fillings were made from mango paste and filled with Pomelo seeds. Ultra creamy, and light. The sweetness level is just nice. I like it. Its like eating a solid version of Mango sago pudding. However, if only the price could be more reasonable.

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Dora said...

Looks good but are they very sweet?