Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rasa Sedap@Joo Chiat Road

Demona: What more to look forward for than a mind and soul calming church session coupled with a kick ass slurpilicious makan stall in front of it! Tummy 'calming' too! Both of us had the same thought in our minds. Another trip to Rasa Sedap for dinner before attending praise and worship. And yes....same dishes in mind too. We could not contain ourselves from salivating just imagining ourselves chewing the tender juicy rendang beef chunks!

Demona: Dogma jumped straight into this! I'm surprised that he had never tried this before. Hmmmmmmm... strange... the fried prawn keropok is quite common among the malay stalls who sell banana fritters and chinese stalls who sell yao char kuey, ham chim peng. Anyway, deep fried food that are displayed on the rack are actually a big NO NO. More often than not, they are soaked with oil, soften, and cold already. This prawn keropok did not prove otherwise either. It was cold, soggy and oily. Urghs. Big tip: Best buy deep fried food when the person is actually frying them there itself!

Demona: I never forgot you... sweet spicy powerpack lil' bugger!

Demona: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....................... the chef did not cook beef rendang that day! He cooked chicken rendang instead. Which wasn't bad at all, the meat was juicy and tender, but somehow rather... it lacked that extra 10% to give it a 100% Ooooh lah lah! It could be psychological, or truly due to taste: but we both agreed that the beef rendang was the winner in this tortoise and hare race.

Demona: I decided to choose all different dishes this time, to try out their other varietals. Instead of taking the tempe (which, still looked as delicious as ever on the rack), I choose some long beans with anchovies and garlic stir fried dish. Quite enjoyable, I would say because you could get some salty flavours with nice gritty crunchy bites. Ngarm, ngarm, ngarm, ngarm!

Demona: I've always enjoyed this dish. Cooked by all styles: Indian, Chinese, Malay. The cabbages and tofu fully soaking up all the curry juices, making them all juicy and soft. Once you bit them, they just disintegrate easily, releasing the curry!

Verdict: The portion again, was HUGE! We were more convinced this time that the generous portion of dishes given was due to the fact that there were only few customers around and Dogma had been very friendly to one of their waiters, who seemed to be a fairly important person there. The total bill including a teh ais, SGD 6.10. I would say it was a worthy deal! ~SGD 3 per pax. We will definitely be back..... for beef rendang! Aiyoyoyoyoyo!

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