Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Muffins from Chocolat n Spice

Demona has always enjoyed the muffins i gotten from Chocolat n Spice @ Shunfu Market, Shunfu Road. It always amazed me to see the long queue every single hour at this little stall located at the remote Shunfu market. So far we have tried their cheese, banana walnut, mandarin peel, chocolate, bluberry, raisin, almond version and the Banana Walnut is still my favourite among all. Go try them if you pass by Bishan/Shunfu area!
Almond Raisin Muffin: Buttery, soft, and full of fluffiness. Excellent!
Cheese Muffin: A few chunks of cheese were hidden beneath this plain looking muffin. Average.

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