Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heritage@Sixth Avenue Centre

Demona: It was a cold, wet stormy Sunday, which got our emotions even more haywire. Full dose of solemness. We decided on splurging a little bit, and chose good quality North Indian food was our last comfort meal together before Dogma begins a new career path in KL.

The patrons were mostly Caucasians. We weren't surprised as the restaurant was located at 6th Avenue and the food was priced slightly higher than restaurants at Little India. The waiters were ever ready to any requests and very polite indeed.

Demona: This were the sauces/dressings given for the papadam appetizers. Dogma absolutely loved the mint sauce and the onions. I definitely felt his love for the onions alright, or shall I say...I definitely SMELT his love for it. The pickles were very, very salty and spicy. Even a chilli gobbler like myself felt challenged with it!

Demona: Their papadams were slightly different from the common round puffy cream coloured ones in most restaurants. The papadams were coated with peppers and spices, and rolled up like ice cream cones. Eating the papadams itself without any sauce/dressings was enough to give a small TNT inside our tummies.

Demona: Despite having only 2 of us, the solemness somehow affected the size of our tummy capacity also. Not only on the cost, we also splurged on the amount of food too. These greedy foodventuras ordered half a tandoori chicken. SGD 16.

Demona: The tandoori chicken was ...... SUPER DELICIOUS! Not only was the meat extremely tender, grilled to perfection with the burnt edge, it also absorbed all the tandoori marinates! Unlike the common problem of tandoori chickens in many places that looked reddish and delicious from the outside, but once you taste them, they are like any other grilled meat lacking flavours. The looks was due to the colourings.

What else could anyone ask for? Besides great grilled meat, the sauce was *smuckers*. Home made mustard sauce. It was tangy, spicy, with a slight hint of mint: a sauce that commands attention! Adding them onto the meat was a remarkable combination!

Demona: Dogma did the honour of ordering a brinjal gravy dish, knowing that one of my all time favourite vegetable dishes are brinjals. The brinjal skins were fried just nice, not too soft or too hard and maintaining the insides very soft. The coated spicy, thick curry gravy blended in so well with the brinjal slices. Little toes up to this dish! SGD 10.

Demona: We also ordered a mushroom dish too. This one however, was fairly disappointing. I guess, our expectations could have also risen up real high as the previous two dishes deserved all the praises. They were actually button mushroom slices, and despite the nice looking gravy, it failed to lock the flavours into the mushrooms. The dish ended up tasting very oriental. SGD 10. I can safely say that we will probably never ever order this dish again.

Demona: We ordered cheese naan and garlic naan as our 'rice' replacements. The cheese naan was more oily than the garlic naan, and the taste of the cheese was not strong enough. If I hadn't known what it was, I wouldn't have guessed that it was cheese flavoured. The garlic was also average only. SGD 2.50 - garlic, SGD 3- cheese.

Verdict: Anyhow... we weren't really complaining much. Overall, the meal was satisfying indeed. Credit cards from banks eg: OCBC, UOB are entitled for a 15% discount. Woo-hoo for my paymaster (Dogma) is a UOB card holder. Total bill was ~SGD 30/pax. The meal portion was actually too much for two, for three persons then it would be just nice. We couldn't finish what we've ordered also, ending up packing some naans and leftover mushrooms to bring home..... for supper later!

It was one of the best North Indian meals that we had so far, besides Jaggi's at Little India. Since I had my meal there, I've been actively promoting this restaurant to some Indian friends.

P/S: Watch out for their masala tea.

Demona: One masala tea please.
Waiter : One cup? or two cups?
Demona (hmmmmmm?) Ummmm... just for me.

....................tea with pot arrives.................................

Demona : (wow... that's nice. a small pot for me!) Thank you!
Waiter : (takes out tiny cup and pours into it. Then walks off with the remaining tea in the pot)
Demona : Wow.. not bad eh? They'll pour for me everytime I'm finished with a cup.
Demona : Hmmm.. the pot's on the waiter's serving area. My cup's all dried up.

5 mins passed by....

15 mins passed by....

(uh-oh) SGD 4 is only for a small kuchi kuchi cup of tea. Totally not worth it.

Heritage- The North Indian Cuisine
805, Bukit Timah Road
#01-03, Sixth Avenue Center
Singapore 297668
Nearest Parking : Cold Storage, Sixth Avenue, Bukit Timah Road

Contact Numbers:
Tel: 6875 0433 / 6875 0434
Fax: 6875 0423


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