Tuesday, September 9, 2008

La Dame De Malescot 2003

Got this bottle free from the big boss SH. I remembered tasting the 2002 La Dame De Malescot (2nd wine of Malescot) together with the 1988/98/2002 Malescot and it was very impressive for its freshness and drinkability, but some it does lack the acid and midpalate compared to the Malescot first wine. Upon opening the La Dame de Malescot 2003, the wine is dense and big and carry tons of tight fruits/cassis and a big vanilla oak nose. Demona enjoyed this very much and keep on slurpping on it. On the second day, the tightness resolved and reveals more coffee note and floral note. Still tight and needs a few more year to reveal its true potential but very very good value for money@50SGD per bottle. Sweep them up!

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