Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home Baked Ginger Snaps!@Demona's new found crib

Demona: As the days of Dogma's return to homeland drew near, the level of solemness and anticipation of loneliness grew higher. More baking! More baking! I passed my cookie bible book to Dogma and asked for his recipe preference.

He chose ginger cookies, as they reminded him most about his childhood times.

So here I go! Baked him a huge batch of ginger snaps! Once I'm slipped off his mind... *pops!* a ginger snap. KACHING! Rememberrrrrrrrrrr....

Demona: Phoon Huat's bag of preserved dried chop ginger bits were tangy and sweet. These crystal-like beauties did a good job as ginger snaps cookie decoration. I made a mistake being greedy by baking two recipe batches, which was supposedly yielding 30 cookies per batch, but it ended up giving 50 cookies per batch! Gosh! Thus, the baking time dragged on to a couple more hours.

I did not place each cookie far apart enough and my first baked batch was a disaster. Almost all the cookies joined with one another, forming a huge cookie, fit for a GIANT. I had to cut them apart and because of the cookie joining issue, the insides weren't crunchy. The heat couldn't get in.

Anyway, lesson learnt! I placed each cookie much further apart on the second baking round......

Resulting in.........

Demona: KACHING! Golden brown ginger snaps! Due to the added mixture of golden syrup and melted fragrant butter, gave the cookies the very chewy texture! For those who prefers crunchy cookies could skip the syrup, but for those who are in with me on the delicious, gooey chewy texture..... ooh lahlah!

I'll reduce the sugar much more the next time I bake them (I've actually reduced the sugar content by 20 plus grams). I think that the extra added sweetness came from the sweetened dried chopped preserved ginger.

I'm not too sure about the public ratings, but I personally enjoyed every chew, every bite, every swallow!

More baking bits to come!

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