Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yidu Pork Flavoured Ramen given to taste

Demona: This humble looking animated pack of ramen is a symbol of a stepping stone for foodventuras.blogspot.com. Although, the reward came in small packages, we were truly happy to hear that we were also selected by this distributor for some ramen trial tasting.

This was our first free food tasting. Amateurs we were, compared to the big boy floggers constantly invited for free fine food tastings. However, the arrival of Mr. Ramen really made us felt proud, like a parent watching his first born taking his first step or learning his first word.

Thank you, Mr Ramen distributor!

Demona: Several compact looking sachets were found inside the noodle pack. The salty porky smell was released once I pressed these slurpy juices out of their plastic packs. Oooooh lah lah!

Demona: I made a blunder out of our first free meal! This ramen is PURELY soup based. Myself, being a 'hero' (or lazy, to be exact), attempted altering its purpose, and wanted to make it 'dry' / kwon lou in chinese. Thus, after cooking the noodles in hot boiling water, I drained them dry and stirred them with the sauces. The noodles started turning very sticky, and they felt really starchy when I ate them. Not to mention, overly salty too.

I quickly confessed to Dogma that it was actually soup based. He started grumbling, shaking his head and 'tsk'-ing all way through saying that I ruined our first free food. I acted fast, grabbed hold of a pot of warm water and poured it on the noodles, trying to salvage what I could. The soup was creamy white in colour, in fact it tasted really delicious! The oink oink taste in the soup was quite apparent. The noodles had an oriental spaghetti-like feel to it.

A packet comes in two portions. Needless to say, we were bloated with this wriggly deliciousness in our tummies! I must say, this is one interesting instant ramen. It has its own signature qualities compared to many other instant ramens around.

I'm not sure on its availability in the stores as I don't think I've ever came across it. Anyone out there ever seen this on the shelf of any store?


Dora said...

Nice packaging!

Andy Wong said...

I've just read your blog and it's really hilarious, especially the "kwon lou" incident... hahaha

Internally, we do experiment with different soup bases hoping to create a local flavour like "indo mee" (kwon lou), or curry, or even a spicier kimchi. I'm about to try to cook it with Campbell's chicken mushroom soup :)

Andy Wong