Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carlton Eating House Roast Pork Noodle

After dawn service on a lazy monday morning, I pop by Carlton Eating House ( by the Esso Gas station, along Tg Katong Rd and Still road) to have a good meal of Roast Pork WanTan noodle. At 3SGD per plate, it offers unbeatable value. The owner gave me a huge slab of roast pork. YUM YUM YUM. which was crispy and having a good bite + taste. Just enought saltiness and juiciness. The noodle was very QQ and springy/fresh. To top it off, there is a bowl of soup with 3 wantans to go along your meal. Fantastic!!! It appears this Carlton Eating House roast pork/roast duck stall is extremely popular with tons of pll packing it to the brim every morning and lunch hour. Go and check it out!

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