Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dogmama's Mommy Treats @Taiping

This post is all about the Miscellaneous home cook food by Dogmama while Dogma spend the whole 2 weeks in Taiping. After spending close to 10 years abroad, it feels so great to be at home, close to family and close to the heard warming, Dogmama food........................The above is Fried brinjal + long beans in Sambal sauce. Spicy spicy and packing a good crunch!

Taiwan Beef Noodle: As Dogmama is an true blue Taiwanese, this is as close as you could get in Taiping for a good Taiwan Beef Noodle. The beef and tendon is perfectly braised for hours and the noodles were specially bought to provide the right QQ chewiness. Add a spoonful of Taiwan Chilli oil, and you are on the first train to YUMMYLAND! Mom always freeze a few packs of the braised beef stock in the freezer for emergency Beef Attack occasions.
Healthy healthy seaweed soup that provides a gazzilion iodine ( thyriode prevention and good for your hair!)
Homemade Roast Pork: Lacking in spice and saltiness, a tad dry. Mom should use more pepper/5 spices to marinate the pork before turbo boil it.
Big "chickap" fish wrapped in seasalt and banana leaf: This is daddy's creation since long ago. For this trip, daddy purposely went to source for a big (>1.5kilo) Chickap fish and prepared the fish by himself. The fish is full with bones and very oily but after grilling in in banana leaf/seasalt, the blend of charred banana leaf aroma, seasalt, and fish oil just makes this magical. Oohlala
Coconut milk Curry fish: Lacking in spice. The fish chunks are generous but need more spice and salt.
Home made Chicken Chop: nicely battered skin, fried to perfection. The meat is still retain the juice while the skin is dry clean crispy. Euphoric
Steam Fish with blackbeans: Steamed fish topped with a concoction of soya sauce, fermented blackbeans, chives, garlic. Oohlalala, pack a big punch of myriad of flavour. You gonna love this!
Starch paper cold dish in peanut sauce: NO matter how unappetising this looks, this is definitely one of my favouraite home dish. Fried omellete strips mixed with cucumber slices and starch paper slices + the famous Sacha Peanut brown sauce from Taiwan... AHHHHHH,,,,,, salty, peanuty, and savoury....

Zack: Me wants to eat Dogmama's food as well!

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