Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mcdonalds @ Commonwealth

On an ultra early morning around 6ish, Demona and I went for a McDonald's breakfast around Commonwealth area. Besides getting the normal coffee and muffin fix, we too found a lone turtle at the carpark. Dogma informed the Mcdonalds staff and they requested us to help catch the turtle and put it back to the ponds..What a great early work out chasing turtles!

In ancient times, we could be breaking this shell up to prophesize about future/fortune telling. (Jia Gu Wen)

This cheeky little crawly hid itself in the middle of a large Van and refuse to come out. Dogma has to crawl in and pick it out...You cheeeky bugger.
The reward for the early work out---Yummy McMuffins from McD!
Demona making her special blending of Mcdonalds coffee which i find is the best blend. Due to the different sizes of the cups between Malaysia/Singapore Mcdonalds, Demona even come out with her own formula/recipe.
For Singapore McDonalds Coffee cup: 1.25 packs of Sugar + 3 packs of Cream.
For Malaysia McDonalds Coffee cup: 1 pack of Sugar + 2 packs of Cream.


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