Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Food CommonWealth Market

Another day of budget outing at Commonwealth Market. There seems to be a perpetual queue at the Char Kuey Tiao stall and there are tons of paper cuttings and reviews pasted at the stall. Demona was salivating and instructed me to queue for a plate of the CKT and low and behold, it took a good 35minutes to queue before I got my CKT fix. My Turn FINALLY!!!The verdict: Its a typical Singapore Wet Style CKT. I find it lacking in wok hei and not too much kick in it. There was not much spiciness detected and just some soya sweetness coating the noodles. Nah,, I dun think any of us will be queueing for this ckt again...To satisfy Demona's craving for more food, we ordered a garlic pork rice from the Cze Char stall behind the famous CKT stall. At $4 per plate, this is not too worth it as well. Just tasted some sweet and garlic notes from the pork. However, the sambal was extremely spicy and sweat just pour out from my forehead everytime i dip into it. SAMBALICIOUS!

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