Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breakfast and Pastries

Another brief recollection of a tasty snacks we had courtesy of Aileen.
Aileen has bought us some tasty Ritz Apple strudels and these gems were tasty!!!
Light, flaky with just amount of sweetness, the strudels makes excellent tea time!

Check out the glistening Straberry Strudels! Sweet with a slight sourish berry tang! slurrrrp!

The original Apple Strudel. Good apple custard taste, and not too sweet. we bothlike it!
Close up inspection on the apple fillings.

Snap shot of the Coffee Bean brek o meal. At around 7SGD inclusive of refillable coffee/tea, this is quite a steal in city area! It comes complete with scramble eggs, 2 sausages, salad with raspberry bits and cherry tomatoes, and bread.

Pastries from Provence: Another gem that capture Demona's heart. No girls can ever resist a hearty chocolate coated pastry. Light flaky pastry with rich bitter sweet chocolate. OOO LALALAL

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