Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HomeMade Salmon Burger

I was lazying around at home while Demona was off working to bring back the dough and bread. Rummaging thru the fridge, i took out the last piece of Fassler Salmon Patty ( about 3.50SGD for 2 pieces at NTUC).. Ideas come into mind and I pop this patty into the oven for a good 10 minutes, drizzling generously some good old extra virgin oil on top. When the patty is crisp and done, spead some homemade mustard sauce on top. Tangy!

Salmon Patty: Grilled to perfection, with a beautiful mound of mustard spread + Sarawakian Black Pepper!
Emmentel Cheese + Bon Mama Raspberry Reserve: LALALA. a match made in heaven! Sweetish and Berry-ness + creamy emmentel cheese + savoury salmon patties.. OOOOOO LALALA
The cross section: The real burger deal: Maximum Patty, Minimum bread. MEATY DINO!

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