Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sumo House@Clementi Central

Demona: Which "Haik! Arigato!" food place will suit the pockets of two poor souls: One with tough working conditions in this place coming from a place with poor exchange rates, another who had a sudden horrific end to a career due to a mad, erratic employer ?


First strike! : Free flow of hot green tea. Whoa-lah!

We ordered this cold soy sauce tofu as our appetizer. The tofu was a bit too rough and rubbery for me. Gave me the impression that it was cut out from the SGD 1 square piece of tofu that you find in NTUC/ Cold Storage chilled area. Those who are not die-hard fans of this dish, can make it a pass. SGD 1.90.

Demona: We ordered fish cutlets too. These breaded crumb deep fried cutlets were average. The fish fillets were not very fresh, and from its taste, I could tell that the oil wasn't too fresh either. But other than that... for the price that we're paying, no qualms about it! As long as the "what you pay is what you get" factor is applied, we totally understand it. However, if it's an expensive dish, and this was the quality that we got....... I'll definitely post a different story altogether.

Strike two! SGD 2.90.

Demona: We also ordered a chicken cutlet bento set. SGSD 4.90. It came with fried rice, which had no Japanese feel to it at all.... it was like any other chinese fried rice. Nevertheless, its taste was quite yummy-fying! Dogma mopped it up squeaky clean. The side dishes were average as well, but we weren't complaining. The most horrible part about the bento set were the orange slices. The oranges were so dried up... we were quite certain that they may be rejected stocks from NTUC.

Demona: The chicken cutlet slices were quite enjoyable too. Again, we did keep in mind that anything deep fried, with some coated bread crumbs can't go too wrong.

Verdict: So... how much did we pay for this meal? Jeng jeng jeng jeng.......SGD 11. For a lower grade Japanese food, but yet succeeded in giving its patrons the Arigato feel! Definitely a worthy experience without setting fire on your red notes.

So guys... when your finances are running low.. but your tongue still yearns for some elite food... do consider Sumo! But please do not forget : you pay what you get. :)

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