Saturday, November 1, 2008

Heritage Northern Indian Cuisine Revisited

Demona was so satisfied with the first visit to Heritage that we went back there on my recent trip back to singapore. This time we brought A and S along to slurp down Creamy spiced up northern Indian Cuisines.... Not to be missed is definitely the Tandoori Chicken paired with a ultra tangy homemade mustard with crushed black pepper. Super tangy. The tandoori chicken was charred on the outside yet succulent in the inside. the marinade was packing much ooomph as well. TOP One!Next up is the special dish of Heritage: JackFruit Curry. I had never liked Jackfruit unlike Demona, but this dish rocks. THe chef actually uses the white inner "cushion" of hte fruit that holds the jackfruit seed that we eat. It was lighte fried before being tossed in to the curry. Sligtly sweet and not very spicy. Good!
By this time i was sweating rain, and Demona ordered the curry lamb. Very Very small portions at 16bucks. However, the sauce was packing a good spicy punch (ultra creamy as well) Perfect to go with the steamed BASMATI RIce we ordered.
Fluffy Basmati Rice, so soft, so Fragrant!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH blisss.

The total bills comes up to about 60 after 15% UOB Card Discount. Totally enjoyable.
I'll be back for MORE!

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