Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dogma's humble chef skills for Demona

Demona: Iron chef Dogma was in a mood to get some sizzling' wok fumes action going! I ain't complaining at all... free meal, zero cost, healthy and fed into the horse's mouth itself!

Demona: Some sexy marination going on with this pork loin cutlets! Seasoned with some herbs, spices, peppers and olive oil! Ooh lah lah!

Demona: Time to get these boys all fired up! Into the wok they went! Lying on these soft, juicy bed of caramelised onions! To add an extra 'zing' to the whole package, tiny squares of smoked bacon bits were added in too! Amazing smoked burnt meaty aroma filled the kicthen.

Demona: Sinful meaty stuffs aside! We 'healthily' steamed some brocolli as our side dish.

Demona: The other half pack of bacon bits went to join the mushroom clan! The onions and bits of tomatoes created a sweetened finish to the sauce. I loveeeeeee this one. slurpilicious!

Hmph... Iron chef Dogma got my hands dirty after all. After all the sweaty, hard work of creating these delicious dishes.. the kitchen sink was packed.. packed with dirty cooking utensils. Who will wash it? Going once.. going twice...... going three times....

ME of course! *Groansssssssssssssssssss*

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