Sunday, November 2, 2008

Demona ponders....

Demona: As baking works well as a great therapeutic method for me, recently, my mind has been hit by all corners of ideas, on what's cool to bake, how do I improve on the few recipes I've done and enjoyed savouring every bit of 'em, and for the past few days.. I've been surfing the net, reading blogs, but have not come to a conclusion on what cake I want to bake, and blow the candles off on my coming quarter century birthday.

If you look at it another way, it may seem a little (haha maybe quite) pathetic that you bake your own birthday cake, rather than having people buying a cake with a rip-off price tag from some franchised bakery.... but I am actually quite excited over the idea of baking my own one for the first time this year.

I'll be 25 in a couple of days time. A quarter century years old. Sounds dramatic, haha. But yeah, time flies. I guess we probably say the same every 16th, 18th, 21st, 25th, and 30th, 40th, 50th birthday and so forth.

While driving back home today along the ECP expressway, my mind wandered off. Suddenly, everything surrounding me seemed disconnected from me. A wise man, with stedfast faith taught us today that people still dwell and harp on worldly things that they've forgotten to real meaning of living. We should live as if we only have a few more months to live. It got me thinking... had I been the same too?

I haven't been on my best lately, definitely jeapordised some tummy growling activities, hehehe. Many things had been changing so quickly at one go, I must admit that my level of perserverence sometimes fall down when uncertainties occur. I realise, however glamourous, simple, challenging, rich, poor, difficult life can be, people change, things change, the surroundings change, but all is good if you are happy, and leave the rest to God.

Work is temporary, money is temporary, worldly things are temporary, what is most important is family and people whom you love and care.

I need to find my life's happiness. For this coming quarter century mark, I think I can make do with a little sparks of happiness from:

1) I am still in good health.
2) my own made birthday cake!
3) celebrating it with my best-est girl friend who shares this special day with me.
4) knowing that my family and close friends are all in good health and I'll continue to pray for them everyday.
5) Dogma is adapting and having good progress at his work in KL. It is challenging for us, sumtimes frustration really kicks in... but if he needs to take this step, I will support him morally as I am away.

WAIT! Hmmmmmm... Demona's being emo here. Back to cakie wakies! What cake am I going to bake?


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