Monday, November 24, 2008

Plan B Indian dinner@Gayathri's, Race Course Road

Demona: *groans* Our favourite Jaggi's was closed for the day. We strolled along the streets of Lil' India on a busy Sunday, the only day and place that gives you a taste of India and you forget that you are, in fact in Singapore. We browsed on a few menus left outside several restaurants and finally, we used our sharpened knife instincts and took a stab into Gayathri's. I've tried here once, but this place was new to Dogma.

Demona: We ordered a garlic naan. Nothing much to shout about. The garlic pang did not complete its job of wacking our colgate breath out.

Demona: Here's the chicken with yogurt curry. I wanted the varuval initially, but it seemed that this particular Sunday just was not out day. The gravy was quite spicy, and the meat was fairly tender, but the portion was a little small. Overall, the dish was slightly above average... ain't the best we've ate alright.

Demona: We ordered a mutton dom briyani. I've asked my fellow Indian colleagues who are big fans of this dish and this place, it seems that the briyani spiced rice and mutton pieces were cooked slowly, layer by layer into fragrant perfection. However, the impression that we had were otherwise. It somehow tasted as if the rice was cooked long ago and warmed up to us right before serving.

And oh yea.. hello? hello? hello? Where's the mutton? Yuuuuuu huuuuuuuuu? I can't see you!

Okay, I'm sorry. I exaggerated. There were several pieces of mutton inside, but honestly.. it was little.

Demona: Apart from its food, I guess the shop didn't do too bad on this aspect. Airconditioned, ample headcount of waiters, window period for food delivery's also quite short. The one thing that really put me off was that, after paying my bill of SGD 16.40 with SGD 17. the waiter forgot to come back with my change. I waited for a long while before going to the payment counter on my own to ask for it. The guy gave an annoyed look and dug back few receipts before to retrieve mine and mumbled quietly in Tamil before giving back my change.

Even threw in a cynical remark, " Your change.... 60cents only, right?"

Yes. 60 cents ONLY. What rubbish. However big or small an amount, a change is a change. If this thing was done at every table, everyday, how profitable it would be. Might as well call change it to a makan place-but-do-not-expect-any-change-given-back eatery.

I reckon that Dogma and I will not be visiting this place anytime soon.

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