Monday, November 24, 2008

Another windfall treat@Aileen

Demona: There are many nights that I yearn... and Dogma yearns (whenever he comes down) for Aileen's amazing home made fruit smoothies. Filled with PURE goodness (and I mean pure, as in truly wikipedia meaning of pure) : Mixture of bananas, strawberries, mangoes, plain yogurt and ice, nicely blended into this heavenly natural sweetened smoothie.

Dogma was starry starry lucky this time around. Aileen was in her smoothie blending mood when he came down. Each of us had a full mug each of Aileen's awesome smoothie. Spoon by spoon, we smilingly slurped this fruity deliciousness down. After finishing the whole mugful of it, Dogma and I were left..... EUPHORIC.

He looked at me, smiled widely with blurry eyes.

I looked at him, smiled widely with blurry eyes.

We were happy high. Not with magic brownies, but with Aileen's EUPHORIC fruit smoothie.

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