Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green Leaf@Subang Jaya, SS15

Demona: From outside, this restaurant hardly catches your attention. In fact, within a glance, it looked like any other uninteresting chinese kopitiams. Do not be fooled by its outer appearance, hungry food goers out there, for everything that lies within these rolled bamboo shades will get your salivas dripping!

It was fairly packed inside, mostly with patrons who seemed to know that this place offers fairly good home cooked hakka food.

Demona: We ordered a buttery, fried french toast, served with anchor butter and honey. This dish was average as french toast can't go any more wrong unless the bread was cooked too oily. In fact, we lazy asses could easily make this at home, but we've decided to burn some extra RMs on the easy way out. RM 4.50

Demona: We both thoroughly enjoyed the nasi lemak, especially the sambal anchovies! They were sweet, spicy, gooey.. and strongly reminded me of the sambal anchovies from the nasi lemak which I ate in Taiping's Kacang Soya shop, a longggggg, longgggggg time ago (back when I was 13 or 14). The shop is no longer there now.
The beef rendang was tender, spicy and coated with thickened gravy. An oriental feel from the usual malay style cooked beef rendang that we usually eat.
What makes a chinese style nasi lemak different is the 'ah cha' serving (preserved vegetables). However, I think mom's version wins this over anytime. I'm sure Dogma's skillful chef mom can also easily beat this.

Verdict: Although the price of the food here is slightly above the average kopitiam price, the added value came from the home cooked feel of the whole thing: food, ambience, friendliness of the owner. I now understand how Green Leaf manages to sustain its regular customers... it brings them back to the memories of eating their favourite comfort food as if they were back home again.

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