Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chateau Monbousquet Vertical Tasting

I had a superb Monbousquet vertical tasting recently.. First up was the 1994 Monbousquet. Nose was chalky, filled dark flowers, berries, and some sweet alluring perfume...Slight leather emerges after that. However, palate was pretty hollow and finish is short. However, it was very very classic nose and splended to dirnk on its own. The fruits has dropped much and probablyts its getting downhill from next 2 years on. Drink up! Beautiful!
Next up is the 1997 Monbousquet, Similar classic nose like the 1994 but carried more sweet bright fruit. Floral nose. MMMMM.... On the palate is has brighter acid and fruit is in balance. THe mid palate was very hollow and kinda angular. FInish is short with slight heat. However, pretty classic and nice to dirnk....
The 1996 Monbousquet should be great 5 years down the road, thou still rather tight at this point of time ( 12 years of bottle age). Very balanced fruit and acid, indicating long life ahead. nice perfume nose but with heavier dose of blackcurrant in it. Leathery... Ahh.. this is gooood, thou on the more modern style compared to the 94/97
Things started to get too modern for my liking 1998 onwards. Big fruits, heavy body, very very tight even after 2-3 hours of decanting. long finish with high alcohol... Need... To.... Keeepppp...15 more years before poppping another bottle.. The 1998 is huge but still bearable.1999 Monbousquet: Heavy, dark , almost ink like colour. Nose was big with significant fruits, alcohool Very tight body and heavy... Too modern............
2001 Monboesquet: This is ultra heavy and at its infancy. For the 1998/99/2001, keep it in your cellar for another 12 years before even trying to drink it. Too tight and big for my liking. Probably I'll enjoy it 20 years down the road.

Overall, I find the 94 and 97 very sexy and elegant, with classic Bordeaux nose. Good to dirnk it along...
The 1996 was at the verge of going in to the Parkerized league.... but a good balance of both world. It should be very beautiful if you give it a couple more years in the bottle.

However, the 98/99 and 2001 is extremely modern. Big Parkerized Fruit bomb that is not to my liking.. Too extracted.. Probably it will takes a long time to reveal the potential.

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