Monday, November 24, 2008

Mama Chops&Papa Grill@Dataran Prima, PJ

Demona: Many things had been happening, all too quickly. Both Dogma and I branched out towards new careers, and the transition has yet to settle down. I hope the Almighty will guide us to reunite soon. We haven't had much opportunities to tummygrowl together for a while now. Even when we did, we've become more careful in our venture to please our taste buds, due to the hike in prices of just about everything, including food.

We wanted to have a decent western meal dinner but not having to burn a hole in the pocket. After giving some deep thoughts, I suggested to Dogma on Mama and Papa, a western food place that I'd visited some few years ago, which did leave me with a fairly good impression then. Since Dogma is now a permanent KL-ite, and has not tried this place before, we fixed our tummies on this.

Demona: Dogma was in a mood of sipping down some slurpilicious, hot, creamy soup on a wet, chilly, cold rainy night. His choice for the night: lentinus mushroom soup. RM 4.50. The soup, was ultra peppery! We could taste bits of lentils and mushrooms in the soup. Fairly good effort from these guys, at least the soup was not watery.

Demona: Greedy-licious me chose a big, big, big meal. Chicken Maryland. RM 11.80. With a big piece of bread crumb coated deep fried chicken fillet, crinkled cut french fries, a long sausage and some coleslaw. The coleslaw was quite enjoyable, we could taste that it was home made. The others, were average. Not for the health, cholesterol conscious, weight watcher guys out there. But for us, hey! we ain't complaining! *munch*munch*

Demona: Dogma seems to always be drawn to fish dishes. Sometimes, I do feel bad for stopping him from ordering, especially dory dishes. Maybe the thought of seeing a pack of two giant chunks of dory fish, selling at RM 7 in grocery stores and seeing a 2 figure price on a dory dish just totally puts me off. This time, I gave Dogma leway to order his favourite fish dish. Gladly, the fish did taste quite fresh. Now and then eating, I caught Dogma smiling widely, chewing down his lil' fishy.

Demona: The bill came up to RM 27.60.. enjoyable meal, I would say, with a lil' home cooked feel to the place and the food. We probably would not be eating here often, but when our craving for western food rises, this will definitely be one of the places that we will consider to satisfy our needs. Anyone out there who knows where in KL is good and decently priced (economically, I mean) for western food?

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