Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sari Indo@Upper Thomson Road

Anything spicy would have snatched Demona's soul. While passing by Upper Thomson Road scourging for food, we saw this little Indon Nasi Padang stall very much alike to Warung M Nasir@ Killiney Road. We decided to give it a try and Demona choosed a few dishes for the nite.

Dish 1: Beef Rendang:
The defacto bench mark for any nasi padang stall. Eventhou the beef was tender, the spices were packed with some oomph, however, it is lacking in something in the "surprise" department. Probably the dish could use more of some chopped up lemon grass, close pepper or something different. A good effort but not exciting one.

The second dish is again, is a killer combo to snatch Demona's soul: Spiced up Fried Brinjal. This dish is pretty tasty albeit on a slightly oily side. The brinjal was well fried and mixed iwth some indo sambal spices. However, it could be better by giving the brinjal some extra wok hei like the Cafe Teduh@Bali Island.
This dish was a let down. Just typical fried beans. Nothing much to shout about.

Overall, Sari Indo at Upper Thomson road (Just pass the Shell station and very near to the Barnsburry/Nam Kee Chicken Rice/Miss Clarity) was a so so stall. Not bad but nothing impresive about them.

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