Monday, November 24, 2008

After jog dinner@Sumo House

Demona: *tummies jiggle, tummies jiggle* It was time.. to work those jiggles out! Mr. Ambitious Dogma and Mrs. Ambitious Demona decided to jog from Commonwealth to Sunset Way, to have a lil' Daily Scoop treat instead of using our black jazzy rider there.

It was one LONG walk/ jog alright. Upon reaching Buona Vista, our legs were showing all signs of "time out!" already. Every bus stop, every passing bus was a big temptation for us. Thanks to Dogma's commando motivation, "Hoik! Hoik! Do not give up. We must finished what we've aimed for!", we finally jogged our way to Daily Scoop.

A good 1 HOUR of working out, only to pile back the calories with a good 5 MINUTES of clearing 3 scoops of ice cream. If that wasn't bad enough, we some how walked to Clementi and had another cheap meal at Sumo House. (Okay, okay .. at least we shared one meal's portion, alright?)

Demona: Bread crumb fried fish drizzled with thousand island sauce. Average taste, for the fish and for the sauce, but we couldn't ask for more.. after all, it was cheap!

Demona: Our favourite economical good-for-value 2.90$ katsudon set! Pheng Leng Cheng!

Demona: Our dinner was cheaper than our dessert earlier. Haha. Although we shared the meal, it was enough to make us full. Sumo house.... satisfied!

Verdict: Before you guys start shaking your heads in front of the computer over the level of our "discipline", let me set things straight.

No, we did not take a bus back to Commonwealth... we walked all the way back again from Clementi. We almost! But we did not. So I guess, I could still call this ... a GREAT work out?

Great work out = 1 hour walk - ice cream - sumo house + 1 hour walk ?

Or did we just negated all our workout efforts? Hmmmmmmmm... *tummies jiggle*

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