Monday, November 24, 2008

Mango smoothie courtesy of Aileen

Demona: Nights after nights I crave for Aileen's home made fruit smoothies. After drinking this, I never wanted to drink fruit smoothies from anywhere else anymore, except hers! Besides the generous serving of blended fruits (not to forget, of excellent quality), the sweetness and creaminess was always just nice too. And another thing, this may sound slightly disgusting, but her smoothie not just tastes great, it is one of the most natural ways to clear the body's bowel system also! One mugful of this healthy treat, the next morning you kiss your bowel storage bye bye! And yeah.. you'll come out of the loo with a big happy "cleansed" smile!

Demona: Just look at the amount of mango slices that she had added, on top of low fat milk and a big cupful of yogurt. All natural sweetness! This portion could yield 3 mugfuls of fruity wuity, slurpilicious mango smoothie!

Demona: Every spoonful was just.. EUPHORIC! Sniffs.. Aileen's now away till next year for her two week year end holidays. Besides hanging out with her, I'm surely gonna' sick! Sick being addicted this euphoric, sweet, all natural drug.

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