Friday, January 16, 2009

Early dinner for the lack-of-good-Indian-food-drained-Demona@Rajoos, Gasing PJ

Demona: Being away from home, made me into a-deprived-of-good-olde':

a) chutney pedas
b) fried bittergourd
c) ayam goreng dada potong
d) thosai telur
e) nescafe ais kurang manis
f) kari ayam
g) mutton varuval

indian food. When Dogma picked me up from the coach in KL, my facial expression showed it all.

Dogma: "Aiks! Ok ok... we go makan indian food k!"
Zombified Demona: "YES.............................."
Dogma: " *Yikes!* Rajoos.. OK?"
Zombified Demona: "YES.............................."

Demona: Along the way back to Puchong, we stopped by Rajoos for an early dinner. (We do not usually eat early, but I was craving for Indian food, and we bought chippies, beer, wine for our late night movie marathon later... so it was good that we ate early, to have tummy space for later).

Anyway, back to the post. Rajoos also screams 'FRESHNESS!" alongside Kanna, who also screams similar taglines of having cooked fresh, rather than pre cooked dishes. You could see all the fresh sea food lying around each compartments. One thing to watch out for Indian makan areas is that their seafood dishes cost a bomb!

Demona: Another proof of freshness! And oh yea.. proof of high cholesterol, high calories, high whatever that's bad to your health which you could think of too. Dogma and I agreed that we would jog a few rounds after dinner, to make ourselves feel a lil' healthy, MENTALLY.

Demona: Yet, another proof of its freshness.
Ah Neh! Your hands clean bo?

Demona: One person's portion of fried chicken sure seemed alot! We could taste the freshness alright, crunchy and flavourful but still preferred the fried chicken at Paandi's in Seksyen 11, nearby UH.

Demona: Dogma ordered roti kosong, while I took my craved dose of thosai telur. We enjoyed the gravies so much! Especially, the chutneys and the thickened, creamy dhall. If Rajoos had more customers like ourselves who practically drink gravies, they may consider charging gravies next time! Haha, joking.

A pleasant end for the deeply deprived of Indian Food, Demona.
If Dogma had took a picture of my face after that meal, you could see my small lil' pair of oriental eyes, squinted to their maximum potential and a gleam as wide as it could get.


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