Friday, January 16, 2009

Fatty Cheong Char Siew@ABC Foodcourt, Alexendra Road

Demona: A doctor whom I've met from work, happens to a foodie woodie man as well, who actively visits food blogs too. Knowing that I used to work in KL, he was telling me about his all time favourite, heavenly melts in your mouth, honey caramelised, tender juicy char siew from Overseas Restaurant at Jalan Imbi, and from my past horrible unforgettable experience at this particular place, it did not drive me excited at all.

Personally, I am seemingly surprised that a specialist like him, enjoys venturing hawker food as well. Indeed, he is a nice person, with humble personality. My visits to his clinic had always been great fun. It was him, who recommended me to Fatty Cheong Char Siew at the ABC foodcourt.

Dogma and I went looking for the stall, and surely it wasn't hard to miss: With bright lights, bright coloured shirt workers, and gleaming, caramelised, fragrant aroma of chicken, pork and charsiew hanging on the stall, waiting for their deliciousness to be chopped up and served to a queue of hungry meat goers.

Demona: Dogma ordered a plate of charsiew... but he chose a drumstick, which I believed cost a lil' bit more than the other parts of the pork. The meat was sweet,tender and juicy. But we should chose breast or something else the next time we order. SGD 6

Demona: I ordered a plate of char siew siew yoke (char siew roast pork) wan tan noodles. The noodles sucked big time. They came in a slab of sticky, hard to swallow, thing-a-ma-jides, and the vege slices were pathetic. The only highlight was the char siew. I've tried the wantan noodles from another stall several shops down from Fatty Cheong, which was cheaper, with OK char siew (Fatty Cheong, without a doubt was better), but delicious noodles, and generous servings of wantan. SGD 3

Verdict: Char Siew was quite enjoyable, however ain't enough to make me crave like how I do for Village Park, and Provence. I may once a while, drop by the hawker centre, and may just order from Fatty Cheong again, not because of FC, but the foodcourt itself is one fairly interesting foodcourt. Many stalls seem to have newspaper articles written on them, and pictures of foodie celebraties etc. I'm guessing, this is how Singapore eateries gain customers.

p/s: I've also tried Wow Wow West western food stall as well, recommended by my doctor friend, and the western food was OK, but the portion was HUGEEEEEE and they make their own colesslaw, which tasted really nice. Readers on a budget, and craving for some greasy deep fried bread crumb coated meat and a pile of crinkle cut fries, can give Wow Wow West a try.

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